Your package includes:

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    A 50+ point assessment and benchmark of your demand gen, sales development, or inside sales efforts.

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    A 60 minute analyst workshop designed to share the growth plays that can help you most.

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    An invitation to an upcoming TOPO Council event – only 5
    free spots are available per event so act now.

The High Growth Starter Package is FREE for qualified marketing and sales professionals.

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Our High Growth Starter Package includes a free Assessment and Benchmark Report of a specific sales or marketing function at your company. See how your performance compares to a relevant peer group across key revenue drivers and metrics. We’ll also identify specific areas in your revenue stack that should be optimized for higher growth.

One of our researchers will guide you through the survey during a 30 minute phone call. You end up with a comprehensive 20+ page report that benchmarks a function such as demand generation or sales development. It’s an easy and free way to see just how you stack up against the world’s fastest growing companies.


The Starter Package also includes a free workshop with a TOPO Analyst. Our Analysts have deep expertise in specific areas such as sales process design, marketing technology, and account-based marketing. Workshops take place via teleconference (or in person if scheduling allows) and last between 30 to 60 minutes.

Whether it’s a personalized readout of your Assessment and Benchmark or ad hoc advisory support, your free workshop is a great way to personally engage with our Analysts. During your workshop, make sure you ask questions about the specific challenges you’re facing to see what our Analyst team is capable of.


Join us at a TOPO Council Event. Our events take place every month at various locations, including San Francisco, Austin, Boston, Atlanta, New York, and Washington DC. In an effort to keep sessions personal and engaging, we only allow a few dozen practitioners at each event. It works – our events have been called “the best event of the year” by numerous attendees.

In fact, only practitioners are admitted to these half day events. Speakers are generally practitioners with years of front line experience in areas such as demand generation, sales development, and customer success. Speakers focus on sharing specific, actionable best practices and plays based on their experiences in the trenches.

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