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What is the TOPO Summit?

TOPO Summit brings together over 1,000 sales and marketing leaders from the world’s best companies so that they can share specific best practices, patterns, and plays for driving exceptional growth. Summit is an intensive, engaging learning experience that offers attendees over 45 sessions and workshops across 6 dedicated tracks on today’s hottest sales and marketing topics.

  • The best forum to learn from other high growth sales leaders.

    Lars Nilsson

    VP Global Inside Sales


  • The only place to get an inside look at the world’s best sales and marketing organizations.

    Charles Lawson

    VP Sales


  • I always walk away with specific, actionable best practices that I immediately put to use.

    Dennis Lyandres

    EVP Sales


The Summit Agenda

Spend two days learning from the world's best sales and marketing organizations. Summit's six high impact tracks will help you learn about:

  • Sales Leadership

    In this exclusive, invite-only track, you’ll learn how the world’s best sales executives drive scalable, repeatable growth. These sales leaders will share exactly how they design, build, and manage their sales organizations

  • Account-Based Everything

    Account based marketing is a white hot topic right now. But what does it take to truly succeed? Learn from marketing and sales leaders that are successfully using account based go-to-market strategies and tactics in practice.

  • Sales Development

    Sales development has become a mission critical piece of the chain. Learn about proven inbound and outbound tactics, hiring and coaching programs, and strategic process design.

  • Sales Effectiveness

    Learn about plays and tactics, such as discovery and demo, used by the best sales reps to achieve higher conversion rates, faster sales cycles, and larger average deal sizes.

  • Sales Ops and Technology

    Sales operations has become a critical, go-to function for sales leaders. In this track, you’ll see how sales operations leaders are helping sales teams scale using data, technology, and design thinking.

  • Marketing Ops and Technology

    Learn about the new marketing tech stacks that high growth companies are adopting. It’s not just about marketing automation anymore – it’s about using software to power just about everything that marketing does.

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Speakers From Past TOPO Events

  • ryan-azus

    Ryan Azus

    SVP WW Sales

  • stevenbroudy

    Steven Broudy

    Head of NA Account Development

  • avtar_09_new

    James Burnette

    Director, Global Sales Development

  • richard_dufty

    Richard Dufty

    SVP WW Sales & Customer Success

  • avtar_33

    Rickie Goyal

    Sr. Dir., WW Sales Operations

  • avtar_01

    David Hershenson

    Sales Development Senior Analyst

  • jeffimm

    Jeff Imm

    President and COO

    When I Work
  • avtar_02

    Scott Keane

    Director, Demand Management

  • avtar_03

    Doug Landis

    VP, Sales Productivity

  • andrewmcguire

    Andrew McGuire

    Director of Pipeline Strategy

    Duo Security
  • avtar_34

    Charles Lawson

    VP, Sales

  • dennislyandres

    Dennis Lyandres

    EVP, Sales

  • jeffery-ma

    Jeffrey Ma

    Keynote Speaker

    Twitter, ESPN, MIT
  • avtar_04

    Kristina McMillan

    Sales Development Practice Leader

  • avtar_05

    Lars Nilsson

    VP, Global Inside Sales

  • avtar_06

    Ted Purcell

    VP of Sales

  • avtar_08

    Jason Seeba

    Chief Marketing Technologist

  • avtar_07

    Craig Rosenberg

    Chief Analyst

  • jairajsounderrajan-1

    Jairaj Sounderrajan

    Head of Global Sales Operations

  • avtar_10_new

    Greg Tapper

    Director, Consulting


Past Attendees

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