We’re committed to helping you grow faster. From hiring the best Analysts to developing specific,
actionable sales and marketing programs for our clients, everything we do at TOPO is about helping you grow. As part of this mission, we make the following promises to our customers:

  • 01

    THE BEST ANALYSTS – Our Analysts are sales and marketing’s best and brightest. How do we know? First, we only hire Analysts with deep practitioner experience at the world’s best companies (typically 10+ years). Second, our customers consistently give our analysts
    post-engagement ratings of 90% or higher.

  • 02

    HIGH IMPACT PRODUCTS – We’ve created a set of products at TOPO that have a material impact on your growth. Whether it’s custom Playbooks and Training Programs, specific Advisory Support, or actionable Assessments, our products help you grow faster.

  • 03

    UNDERSTAND THE CUSTOMER – We don’t just put our customers first –we understand them. Your target market, buyer personas, economics, the product, what works today, what doesn’t… If it impacts revenue, our Analysts spend time immersing themselves in the issues that impact your revenue growth.

  • 04

    MAKE IT AN OPERATIONAL REALITY – We’re 100% dedicated to making our work an
    operational reality in your organization. With TOPO, we don’t just drop a binder on your desk and walk out the door. From high impact training programs to a proven change
    management methodology, we make our work work for you.

  • 05

    SPECIFICITY WINS – The most common question we ask ourselves at TOPO is “how can we be more specific?”. That’s because we believe most analyst firms spend way too much
    pontificating on high level thought leadership and not enough time on delivering value to clients. The more specific we are with you, the more value you get.

These principles have helped us deliver incredible results to over 200 companies in the last 3 years. If you want to learn more about how TOPO can help your sales and marketing organization, let us know. We’re here to help!

Scott Albro, CEO
Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst


Created Account Based Everything (ABE) movement and published industry’s first and only ABE framework.

Worked with F500 client to design and institute global sales process and supporting plays.

Published “Ideal Customer Profile Development” – a set of best practices and tools for creating and managing ICPs.

Hosted 40+ SDR leaders at our 14th Sales Development Council at the Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park, CA.

Hosted our first ever Annual Summit with over 700 attendees and 33 sessions and workshops in San Francisco.

Developed Sales Playbook and Annual Training Curriculum for high growth SaaS company targeting the financial services market.

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