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Our Marketing Practice helps clients create the leads and pipeline required to exceed revenue targets. We’ve recently helped clients with issues such as:

  • Account based marketing
  • Data-driven Ideal Client Profiles (ICP’s)
  • Lead management process
  • Demand generation benchmarks
  • Multi-channel attribution

Sales Development

TOPO’s Sales Development Analysts increase the number of qualified leads your SDRs deliver. Some of the big issues we help clients with include:

  • Qualified lead definitions
  • Handoffs and service levels
  • Outbound prospecting
  • Sales Development Rep messaging
  • Account based sales development


Our Sales Practice helps the world’s best sales teams design and adopt processes and plays that increase closed-won rates. Analysts have recently helped clients with:

  • Sales process design
  • Discovery plays
  • Value-based selling
  • Use case messaging
  • Custom training curriculum

The brightest minds in sales and marketing

TOPO Analysts represent sales and marketing’s best and brightest. They’re not just smart, they’re experienced – the average TOPO Analyst has over 14 years experience as a practitioner. And they’ve lead sales and marketing teams at some of the world’s best companies, companies like LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Zendesk. Our Analysts aren’t just sitting in an ivory tower engaging in high level pontification.They understand the challenges you’re facing and are able to deliver specific, actionable recommendations that drive faster growth.

TOPO Analysts lead a client workshop

  • Playbooks

    TOPO Playbooks are like an owner’s manual for a specific sales and marketing function. Built from the ground up to account for dynamics such as your target market and the economics of your business, Playbooks ensure that your entire organization is locked in on things like your target ICP, process, messaging, and plays.

  • Advisory Support

    Our Analysts are available to work with you on the big, strategic decisions you need to make. From designing your account based marketing orchestration policies to evaluating a new software application, TOPO Analysts work with clients to develop specific, actionable recommendations that impact your business.

  • Consulting

    TOPO consulting engagements help clients address big sales and marketing issues in a manner that’s deeply specific to you. Our consulting work focuses on areas such as go-to-market strategy, organizational design, and marketing/sales process. Whatever the challenge, we always focus on putting recommendations into practice.

  • Training

    Whether it’s an off-the-shelf workshop or a custom curriculum, our training programs make sure that proven best practices become an operational reality. Using our pedagogy of best practices, exercises, and takeaways, our Analysts are uniquely qualified to transform how your sales, sales dev, and marketing teams execute.

  • Research

    Our Analysts continuously analyze the strategies, processes, plays, organizations, and technologies that drive faster growth. Ever wonder how SQL definitions are evolving? Or how companies mix free trials with deep discovery? Or which sales intelligence tools live up to the hype? We have the answers to these questions (and many, many more).

  • Events

    We regularly host the most engaging, insightful events in sales and marketing. Our events feature TOPO Analysts, as well as the best marketing and sales leaders. Whether It’s our Annual Summit or monthly Councils, TOPO events are designed to provide you with actionable insights, real life examples, and specific recommendations.


Backed by 100s of sales and marketing data points

TOPO’s high growth dataset informs everything we do for our customers. Every year, we collect hundreds of data points from the world’s best sales, sales development, and marketing organizations. This data provides remarkable insights into how these companies processes, plays, organizations, technologies, and metrics. So when we make a recommendation, whether it’s a new market segmentation strategy or a redesign of your sales process, you know that it’s backed by data and evidence collected from the world’s fastest growing companies.

$0 – $10K 51% 11% 31% 6%
$10K – $50K 38% 26% 26% 10%
$10K – $100K 33% 12% 48% 6%
$100K+ 38% 12% 27% 23%

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